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  • Are you a victim of a Forex scam?
  • Do you suspect that something is not quite right?
  • Your broker does not allow you to withdraw your money?
  • Or even worst, they ask you to deposit more money to take out the amount you have on your account?

Boccadutri is an International Law Firm

that is able to assists a global network of investors.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in fraudulent activity in the Forex market. The financial markets have given constant signs of recovery with the aim of winning over the trust of investors by promising significant economic gains.

Fraud with regard to Forex litigation is connoted with the implementation of different exchange systems, which are put in place to deceive investors. These exist as a means to establish false expectations regarding the potential economic appeal generated by transactions in foreign currencies.

In addition, investment encouraged in order to generate commission, mismanagement of a client’s funds, or tampered accounts or interest rates can also be considered a Forex scam.

By investing in Forex, one might come up against:

Forex Peace Army

has chosen Boccadutri International Law Firm

Since June 2017, Boccadutri International Law Firm has been collaborating with “Forex Peace Army,” the best global forum in which you can find information regarding various brokers that scam investors or that do not respect the terms and conditions present on their site.
The purpose of this collaboration is to assist those that have lost their money in Forex trading, as a result of the mismanagement of funds, or scams carried out by Forex brokers.

Forex Peace Army

The Law Firm

Boccadutri is an international law firm that is able to assist a worldwide network of investors because of our collaboration with lawyers who work all over the globe.

We are a leader in providing advice and assistance, particularly in Forex litigation.

Our law firm has 13 seats in Italy (PalermoMilan, and Rome) and abroad (CyprusBarcelonaBucharestKrakowLondonRosarioNew YorkIstanbulSydney, Moscow, and Rio de Janeiro). Our international work sets us apart from other firms.

Regarding our seats in Italy and abroad, we offer legal assistance in the main business centres.

Our aim is to find the most economical solution, by providing the best legal assistance possible.

Our Forex lawyers work with clients to keep them informed of every step of the process, adhere to the highest competency and professional standards, and focus on resolving Forex disputes.

Our main strength is that we offer legal assistance with rates lower that the market average. The offset is that we tend to be highly selective with the cases proposed by clients.

An objective pursued by our law firm is to allow our clientele to be completely aware of the cases that we are considering, thanks to the proven experience and specific skills of the Forex Department coordinated by Calogero Boccadutri.

Our law firm has an international reputation in Forex disputes, an expertise that has grown in recent years, above all, thanks to the successes we have achieved against various Forex Brokers. These brokers have often taken advantage of the good faith of their clients, who are unaware of the risks they run by investing in a market that is highly speculative and risky.

How We Work

Our Forex practices:



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